Longford's Farm - Trek Lake Okareka

Longford's Farm

Longford's Farm has 1500 acres (600 hectares) of dry stock sheep and cattle grazing pasture and 500 acres (200 hectares) of native bush. The property is situated between Lake Okareka, Blue Lake, Green Lake and Lake Tarawera with the most spectacular views of these surrounding lakes as well as Mount Tarawera, Lake Rotorua and Lake Okataina.

My grandfather bought the property in 1937. My father developed the land and spread grass seed from a horse. There were no planes distributing grass seed in those days. He was passionate about trees, preserving the bush and planted native and exotic trees most years.

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51, Acacia Road, Lake Okareka
Rotorua, 3076

021 292 2233

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