Our Horses


Don is a 11 year old brown Thoroughbred and stands at 16 hands high. He's a too slow ex race horse so can get lively when we go faster than a walk but has a sensible head on him so won't do anything nasty.


Cassie is a 14 year old Gisborne Station Bred Dark Brown Mare 16 hands high. Cassie is a big, strong plodder with juju lips that move as though she is talking. She has a sensible mature nature and is a fabulous trekking horse.


Joe is a 8 year old Gisborne Station Bred Clyde Cross Bay Gelding 16 hands high. He is a heavy set horse with a white blaze down his nose and 2 white socks. Joe gives you confidence being mature beyond his years.


Hunter is a 12 year old East Coast Station Bred Dun Gelding, 15.1 hands high. He is a little bit timid but a lovely ride for the more relaxed rider. He has three white socks with a strip down his nose.


Paris is a 12 year old Station Bred Steel Grey Mare, 15.2 hands high. Paris is a very sensible, responsive mare who likes to be treated like a lady. She’s a pleasure to ride and forward moving.


Peanut, commonly referred to as the Perfect Peanut. He is a 12 year old Station Bred Dun Gelding who is 16 hands high. Used as a lead horse and in the pack. A great ride for experienced and novice riders.


Jake is a Station Bred gelding who is 15 years old and 15.2 hands high. He is forward moving and mainly used for experienced riders because he can be quite lively but also has a sensible nature.


Keeper is a 8 year old Thoroughbred Bay Gelding 15.2 hands high with a strip down his nose and 2 white socks. Keeper is one very laid back horse who only wants to please and cruise along at your pace.


Alfie is a 15.2 hands high, 4 year old, Clydsdale crossbred gelding. He has a super cute nature and is very mature for his age. Alfie is safe to ride for beginners and children and a fabulous addition to the yard.


Nico is a 11 year old station bred gelding who is 14.2 hands high. He's a great ride but you need to kick him along a bit so he's not too slow and knows who's boss.


TK is a 14 year old stocky 14.2 hands high Bay Pony Gelding. He is a clever pony and mainly used as a lead horse or for experienced riders. He is the perfect height to open gates and almost opens them by himself.


Moby was born in 2007. He is a grey white clydie cross gelding with chunky legs. He loves to follow and is a great ride for all levels of riding.


Maggie was born in 2006. She is a Bay Thoroughbred Mare 15.2 hands high and owned by a friend of mine. Maggie has two white socks, a lovely laid back nature and loves cuddles. Known as Auntie Maggie when Gem is around. Mainly used as a guide horse until she finds her feet.


Gypsy, commonly referred to as the mobile armchair. She is a 23 year old, Stocky, East Coast Station Bred Dun Mare, 14 hands high. She is a lovely ride for the beginner rider and makes people feel very safe and secure being sure footed with a quiet nature.


Pongama is a 16 year old, Piebald Station Bred Gelding, 14.2 hand high. He is a pretty boy who is forward moving with a lovely quiet nature. A great ride for beginner to experienced people.


Dallas was born in 2010 so is a young coloured brown and white gelding. Dallas is currently 15hh, may grow to 15.2 and will fill out as he gets a bit older. He is wise beyond his years, very sensible and has become a great member of the team.


Dex is a 12 year old Black Pony Gelding, 14.1 hands high. He is a gentle active pony more suitable for experienced riders if we are going faster than a walk.


Angel is a 15 year old Kaimanawa pony Mare who is 13.3 hands high. She is a great little pony who is good with children and very responsive. She loves to follow so is great for beginners.


Percy was born in 2008. He is a bay stationbred gelding 14.3 hands high. Sometimes in your face on the ground but is a gentleman when ridden. Suitable for all levels of riders and loved by most.


Ruby we think was born in 2012 in the wild of the Kaimanawa Ranges. She is just a pony at 13.3 hand high but is very quick on her feet and would make a great games pony.


Gem was born on 27th of September 2014 to Ruby our Kaimanawa Pony from the 2014 muster. She is already a huge favourite of the yard and loves to be fussed over.

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